Book Information
At Home In Her Tomb: Lady Dai And The Ancient Chinese Treasures Of Mawangdui
Liu-Perkins, Christine
This middle-grade chapter book unearths the mysteries of the Mawangdui (mah-wahng-dway) tombs, one of China's top archaeological finds of the last century. Miniature servants, mysterious silk paintings, scrolls of long-lost secrets, and the best preserved mummy in the world (the body of Lady Dai) are just some of the artifacts that shed light upon life in China during the Han dynasty.
Hook Your Students
  • The best preserved mummy in the world wasn't found in Egypt!
  • Follow Lady Dai's life through examining her body and her tomb, and also learn what she ate just before she died!
  • This book reveals long lost details of Ancient China by looking at well-preserved artifacts from a tomb well over 2000 years old!

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